The Problem of Overweight and Obesity in Children

    Within the last decades, there was no public problem in the United States, which affected our society more then the problem of obesity and overweight. For many years, American people have been in absolutely terrible physical shape, and currently almost every second citizen is overweight, while many are obese. Unfortunately, numerous activities and education programs of our government, specialized organizations and enthusiasts directed on promoting physical activity and healthy life-style do not improve this situation: such measures just help to keep it somehow under control.

    Moreover, various problems and negative outcomes, connected with children’s obesity, remain especially critical nowadays. According to recently publicized research of the team of American medical specialists under the leadership of Dr. Hugh D. Allen from Columbia Children’s Hospital, approximately 30 million of 80 million children are now under serious threat to die of heart disease when they are 30-40 years old, unless present social tendencies in our country as to fitness and healthy life-style change.

    It is known that obesity is closely linked to many other serious diseases and disorders. First of all, it affects skeletal structure of child’s body and can cause hard orthopedic complications in the future. Besides, it can cause different emotional and psychological problems for children, affecting their personal and social development. Overweight can bring to diabetes, difficulties with breathing or blood pressure. In many cases, it considerably limits physical activity of obese and overweight people, putting their life into severe limits of the connection “workplace – home”.

    This everything proves that qualified experts and specialists in fitness are in great need for our today's society. Such specialists have to take a very important mission on promoting the advantages of fitness and health care programs, motivating people for changing their life-style and being involved in more and more of physical activities on regular basis, supporting it with healthy nutrition and absence of bad habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol.

    Moreover, healthy life-style advocates have to make our society understand that being fit and healthy is not something unnatural or something that will take lots of efforts and resources. Historically, humanity has been developing due to lots of physical activities, and only for some last centuries scientific and technical progress changed the direction on radical reducing of physical activity and allowing us to remain static all the time. But, actually, being fit is absolutely natural for any human being and, if a person has good health conditions, it does not require working till total exhaustion and overtiredness.

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