The Dangers of Violence in Modern Mass Media

    Nowadays, the abundance of violence and aggression is spreading into our minds from Internet, TV screens and pages of magazines or newspapers. Potential harm of media violence to our society became a problem of national and global concern. It is one of the most debatable public issues, which has obvious social and political backgrounds. The question, whether or not excessive violence in the media actually causes violence in real life, became a subject of numerous scientific researches, which unexpectedly brought to absolutely opposite results, giving our public a great opportunity to continue the debates.

    Many people suppose that violence in the media is a true and objective reflection of our reality, and find it acceptable. They think that violent behavior and aggression in our media represent the right for freedom of expression, protected by the First Amendment. Also, they believe that censorship in media will not be effective for lowering the amount of violence in our society, because it is an individual responsibility of every person to select appropriate media materials for himself/herself and his/her children.

    But it is very important to recognize direct influence of endless violence and aggression, coming at us from our media. Undoubtedly, this issue is mostly the problem related to aggressive behaviors of teenagers and youth, because they are the most exposed to negative effects of violence. Media violence seriously damages their imagination about moral values, ethics, loyalty, friendship, security or even justice. For example, modern superheroes from action movies do a lot of shooting and leave scores of dead bodies on the streets, showing no care about the laws or responsibility and giving a bad example to our juveniles.

    Recent tragedy in Virginia and other school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Alberta and Erfurt are bloody outcomes of this destructive influence. Following what they can observe in the media, teenagers are motivated to get involved into such brutal activities as forming gangs, bullying, rampage, etc. It may be not proved by the researches that media violence brings to increase of crime and violence rates in our country, but its negative effects are obvious. This is one of the most critical issues of public health and our social well-being.

    It is also known that children are especially affected by violence, aggression or sexual abuse in our media because of their vulnerable psychology. Modern cinema movies and television ruthlessly damage the development of aesthetic sensibility of children and their ideas about moral and beauty. This can result in wrong perception of life and its realities. The most common reactions of children are imitation of aggressive behaviors from the TV, failures in schools, slow-downs in intellectual development, lack of social skills, etc.

    Violence is absolutely real and very serious threat to a human life in our country. It is very important to mobilize the efforts and do everything possible in order to control this problem, to lower the aggression and amount of violence spreading around from our mass media and affecting behaviors of young people, because it endangers safety and peace of our citizens, as well as future prospects of our society and even its physical survival.

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